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How To: Uploading an Assignment


Throughout this course, you may be required to submit papers through a dropbox.  This document will provide instructions on how to successfully submit assignments for grading.

1. Click on the assignment.  It is likely to be titled “Graded Assignment” or “Comprehensive Assignment,” but this is not always the case.  Contact your instructor if you have any questions or concerns about any assignment.

2. After completing the instructions on the provided assignment, locate the dropbox underneath the assignment details.

3. Click “Browse…” to locate your document.

4. After locating the selected file, click “Upload this file.”

5. If the upload is successful, a message will appear stating, “File uploaded successfully.”  After this message appears, click “Continue.”

Step 6: The attached file will appear below the assignment.  Always open the file one more time from this screen to ensure no errors have occurred.