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How To: Recovering a Lost Password


1. If you are unable to log into your university’s portal because you have forgotten your password you can quickly recover your password using the “Lost Password?” link found on your school’s portal.It is found directly under the login.

2. You will be directed to the Forgotten Password page where you can either enter in your username or email address.

Note: Be sure the email address and/or the username you are entering are the ones your school assigned to your account. The email address will typically be your school email address and your username may differ from your other usernames with the university.

3. If you have entered everything correctly you should be directed to a confirmation page. If you have entered the correction information you will receive your password via email within 20 minutes.

NOTE: If you do not receive an email and believe an error has been made try the “Lost Password?” link one more time. If this does not work contact the school registrar.