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How To: Set Quiz/Exam Grade Parameters.


1. Click on the Quiz/Exam you wish to edit.

2. Click on the “Update this Quiz” button in the top right.

3. You should now be viewing the exam settings page. Scroll down until you see the grades section.

The first option is the Grading Method option. This option doesn’t apply if you are only allowing one attempt. If you are allowing more than one attempt you are given 4 options:

  • Highest Grade – Takes highest graded attempt
  • Average Grade – Takes the average of the attempts
  • First Attempt – Takes the score of the first attempt
  • Last Attempt – Takes the score of the last attempt

The second option is Apply Penalties. If you want to allow more than one quiz/exam attempt but want to penalize an incorrect response choose this option. The penalty amount is set on a question to question basis and you have to edit the penalty amount in each question if you wish to change it.

NOTE: The default penalty for questions in Moodle is 0.1 or 10%. You can set a value between 0 and 1 to represent a penalty of 0% to 100%.

The third option is Decimal Digits in Grades. If you wish to represent the students grade by more or less than 2 decimal places you can change this option.

Once you have made your changes scroll to the bottom and hit save and return to course.