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Info: Moodle Time Zone Basics

Moodle portals by default only have “server local time” and the GMT time zones. All Learning House Portals at the time of this writing (May 29, 2009) should have more added.

This presents a problem because almost all states in the US’s four time zones, Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific, change between two GMT time zones over the year because of daylight savings time.

More time zones can be added to a portal very simply.

  1. Log in as administrator and go to   “Location” -> ”Update time zones.”
  2. Click the “Yes” button and the portal will be updated.
  3. Go to “Location” -> ”Location settings” to access the portal’s default time zone.
  4. You will now see that more time zones can be selected
  • The bigger list of Moodle Time Zones has 3 basic categories
    • GMT
      • Greenwich Mean Time
      • International standard of time
      • Does not change with daylight savings time (DST)
    • Major City Time Zones (ex. America/Chicago)
      • Usually listed at Country/City or in some cases Country/State/City
      • Will change with DST if that city observes it
    • Nonstandard Time Zones (ex. EST, PST)
      • Generic for the entire time zone
      • If there are cities or states that do not observe DST Moodle will have both a version that follows DST and one that does not
      • The one that follows DST will have a number and a second abbreviation
        • EST or EST5EDT
        • CST6CDT
        • MST or MST7MDT
        • PST8PDT

NOTE: If you do not have the ability to change the timezone on your portal you can contact your Client Services Specialist to have it changed.