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How To: Uploading and Adding a Resource to Your Course.


1. You may find yourself wanting to link a resource in your course for your students and wondering how. Whether that resource be a PDF, Word Document, PowerPoint, Excel file or various other filetypes.

Begin by clicking on the “Files” link in the Administration block in your course.

2. Once in the file section, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Upload a file.

3. The upload page will then load and click on “browse” , select your file and then click on “Upload this file.”

4. Once the file has been uploaded it will appear in the file section. Return to your course outline and turn editing on. Scroll down to the week you want to place the resource. Click on “Add a resource”

5. On the resource page add a description and scroll down to the “Link to a file or web site” and click on “Choose or upload a file. ”

6. This will bring up a new window showing you all the files within your course. Scroll down to the file you want to link for the students and to the right of the file you will see the option “choose.” Click on this and it will select that file.

7. Once you have the right file selected it will appear in the box on the resource page. Click “Save and return to course”