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How To: Increasing Exam Security and Preventing Dishonesty

Below you will find some security features available within the Moodle quiz settings.  If you wish to enable the settings, or if you would like more information, please contact your Client Services Specialist.

It is always encouraged to include more essay questions than multiple-choice or true/false within the exams.  The likelihood of cheating is diminished when students are forced to analyze and interpret the questions you pose.

Time limit

By default, the quizzes do not have a time limit.  If one is implemented, a timer appears on the screen when the student begins.  If the student is not finished when the timer expires, Moodle will submit what the student has completed, and the exam will close for the student.

Questions per page

Setting the exam for 1 or 2 questions per page along with enabling a time limit will decrease the likelihood that the student will attempt to print the quiz.  It also will help avoid browser time-outs by keeping the screen active.  Browser time-outs are one of our most frequented complaints.

Shuffle Questions

By default, questions are not shuffled.  If enabled, the students will receive the same questions, but every student will receive them in a different order.

Shuffle within Questions

This is a preference to shuffle the choices.  By default, this is disabled.  This setting can present problems for questions which say, “All of the above” or “A and B only.”  The result can appear as follows:

How many hours are in a day?

a. all of the above

b. A and B only

c. 36

d. 24


This checklist details what the students are given upon exam completion.  By default, all boxes are checked “yes.”  The setting in the above picture indicates that upon completion, the student may review his or her response, the score, feedback, and the correct answer.

Security Window

By default, the quiz is not shown in a “secure” window.  If this is enabled, the following actions occur:

-          Javascript is made a requirement.

-          The quiz appears in a full-screen window.

-          Some mouse actions on the text are prevented.

-          Some keyboard commands are prevented.

Require Password

This setting would require a password for the students to access the quiz.

Require Network Address

For example: or

This is ideal if you want the student to take the exam from a particular location.  If this is a setting you choose to enable for students to take the exam on campus, you will need to contact your I.T. department to assist you in setting this up.

Randomized Questions

One setting unavailable in this particular area is question randomization.

Your quiz can be programmed to randomly choose questions from an exam pool you provide.  For example, the quiz can be set to randomly select 20 questions out of a 100 question pool.  No student will receive the same set of questions.  This is one of our most recommended exam settings.  Please see your Client Services Specialist if this is an option you would like to pursue!