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How To: Grading a Forum / Discussion Board


1: Assign the point value for the forum. Click on the first discussion forum.

Then click “Update this Forum” in the upper right corner.

2. Click the “Use Ratings” box. Then select the point value beside “Grade.” This option allows you to insert the maximum number of points allotted per post. For example, if each post is worth a possible 30 points, then the grade should be inserted as “30” here.

3. To grade the submissions, click on the discussion forum. Then click on the student’s posting.
Student 1

4. After reviewing the student’s post and determining if it meets your discussion forum criteria, please proceed to rate the posting using the grading box in the lower right corner of the post. The forum below is worth 30 points, so that is the maximum points that can be graded.

5. If there are other student replies to the forum, you will need to rate those as well.